Deshenglong has held three sessions of the Chinese Traditional Culture Learning Sharing Conference.

Source:Zhejiang Deshenglong Curtain Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-08-12

Learned Mr. Fan and be a blessed person.

Learned the four trainings and changed the fate of life.

Deshenglong Company has held three sessions of the Chinese Traditional Culture Learning Sharing Session. Zheng Jianrong’s seniors shared the learning experience of “Responsiveness, wishful thinking” and “Peaceful and sinister, and wish to do things”. Each period comes from Nearly one hundred customer guests from all over the country participated. The two systems of enterprise management are shared: 1. The management system of “surgery” 2. The management system of “heart”, the system is the basis of system orientation, the heart is the perfect system of management, and how to establish a good corporate culture: The spirit of altruism is the core value; 2. The enterprise helps employees and the employees help the enterprise; 3. The employees help the customers and the customers help the enterprise. The three-point standard is the only way to improve core competitiveness.

Through the study and practice of traditional culture, we strive to realize the Five Fortunes, the Five Fortunes, and the Five Fortunes.

Wufu Enterprise Standard

1. Longevity: The company believes that users create value for the eternal mission, establish a DSL corporate culture that trusts its trust, create brand innovation of DSL enterprises, innovate honest and trustworthy management, win customers, government and society, and become a century-old enterprise.

2, wealth: employee income is stable and improved, and he is good at thinking, to help people to work, to work as a helping person, to produce high-quality products and services, to be enthusiastic about public welfare and to win social respect.

3, Corning: employees have love in their hearts, Qian Dexiang and the corporate team responsible, can help people (users, customers, leaders, brothers, themselves), stability and harmony, external coexistence, mutual benefit and common development.

4, good morality: good morality, good heart, good words, good people, good deeds, good deeds, good deeds, love, and love.

5, hospice: continuous learning, full of energy, constantly adapt to the new environment, so that corporate culture, corporate spirit passed down from generation to generation.